Discover The 12 Skills of Bulimia Freedom 

Break Out Of The Binge-Purge Cycle
​& Create A Future Free Of Obsession, Guilt & Shame.

Learn how to reclaim your control around food and create a freedom that tastes sweeter than any binge ever could. 

The 12 Skills of Bulimia Freedom

Are You Ready To Radically Change
Your Relationship With Food? 

Learn the 12 Skills over 12 Weeks and continue to master them until you can do them "automagically". 


This course is for you if...

  • You are tired of investing in things that don't work. Therapy, hypnosis, inpatient treatment, doctors - you've tried it all and you're still struggling with bingeing & purging.

  • You don't really believe that bulimia is a life sentence, and there's a part of you that knows there MUST be a way out. 

  • You know that no amount of deteriorating health, dwindling finances and damaged relationships can "scare you into recovery".

  • You are tired of waking up on Monday and thinking that this week is going to be different, only to find yourself repeating the same vicious cycle by the week's end.

  • You are the kind of person who will play all out - all you need is something that actually works. 


Why you'll succeed this time

  • You'll learn from a professional who has been there, done that, and made it out.
    People who haven't experienced the force of a binge urge, or the discomfort of keeping food down, can't understand what it really takes to recover. 

  • Bulimia recovery specific strategies. 
    Unlike other ED recovery courses, this one is designed specifically for people struggling with bulimia, and as such, every tool and every homework assignment is designed with your exact challenges in mind..

  • Practise makes permanent.
    You'll learn and practise The 12 skills of Bulimia Freedom (the specific new actions and new thoughts) to ensure that they become hardwired into the subconscious brain so that you can do them on autopilot.

    Between the weekly pre-recorded video trainings, the worksheets, the homework assignments, the Q&As ... your brain will be rewiring at hyper speed!!

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Hi, Helen here!

I want you to know that I have been where you are. 
After 20 years trapped in the stranglehold of bulimia I found a way out. 
Now, I am dedicated to helping you do the same.  
But, I don't want you to just "recover".  
I want you to fall in love with your incredible body again, to nurture it back to true radiant health, and experience a joy and fearlessness around food that few can even imagine.   

Together we'll strive for true freedom! 


Helen Bennett
- Founder of Bulimia Freedom, and certified Health and Addiction Recovery coach.  


What you'll learn

  • How To Get Your Control Back Around Food. You'll learn how to hear your hunger & full signals again, and how to act upon both of them. 

  • How to Release Fear of Weight Gain & Stop Obsessing About Food All Day.  You'll practise honouring what your body is asking for (including rest & exercise) and discover that when you do that it will guide you to a 'goldilocks zone' - a place that's not too fat or too thin, but is just right, and feels great on you!  

  • How To Create A Mindset That Ensures Your Recovery Will Stick.  You'll learn how to destroy all the disempowering thoughts, beliefs and self talk that have kept you stuck in the vicious cycle of bulimia, and replace them with a conviction that freedom is yours for the taking.

  • How To Accept & Trust Your Body  
    After years of disconnection, punishment, and body loathing, you'll begin to appreciate, trust and eventually fall madly in love with your incredible body. 

  • How to Create A Future Of Freedom
    Freedom is Power. Choice. Agency. Autonomy. You'll reclaim your power around food and in doing so will begin to create freedom in other areas of your life too.

Meet Past Clients



Before starting, I couldn't even look in the mirror I didn't want to see me, for who I truly was! Now I see me, I like me. I now feel I have the tools and support I need to get me through.

Without Helen I'm not sure where I would be, and if you get the opportunity to work with the amazing woman I urge you to do it!
Your future self with thank you ❤



The weeks in the coaching course with Helen were truly life transforming. With all the tools we learned, the classes and our amazing talks, things finally started to change. Looking back now, I would not have thought to be in this space within myself where I’m now at. So thank you, thank you, thank you dear Helen!!! 



When I found Helen I was pretty much desperate. I felt so out of control with my food. I’d gone from severe restriction, calorie counting, measuring myself every day to bingeing and purging. ​If you’re expecting a quick fix, this definitely isn’t it. Helen gives you tools and resources to help you overcome your eating disorder and will walk with you every step of the way. It’s going to require some courage, determination and time to turn things around, but with Helen's help it really is possible!

What You'll Get When You Sign Up

  • Access To The 12 Skills Of Bulimia Freedom Digital Course

    3 days of Pre Course Trainings + 12 weeks of Skills Training
    (including 15+ hours of pre-recorded video trainings and accompanying worksheets).  You can re-watch trainings as often as you need to, or catch up if you've missed one. 

  • Weekly Assignments & Body Love Missions!

    Homework Assignments and Body Love Missions are designed to have you practising the 12 Skills with intention and regularity, cementing them into your subconscious brain.  

  • Access To The Members Only Facebook Group

    The private facebook group is for course participants ONLY.  It's a place to connect, share, ask questions, inspire and support each other.  

  • Weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A with Helen

    Each week Helen hosts a Q&A LIVE in the members only facebook group where you can ask your burning questions, and get the support that you need on your journey.

  • 15 x Bonus Training Videos

    The Online Coaching Portal is packed with bonus videos including the top 3 Danger Zones of Bulimia Recovery + Survival Strategies for buffets, family gatherings, dealing with anxiety, and being home alone!

  • Awesome Additional Resources

    We've also packed the course with links to all of our favourite books, meditations, podcasts, talks and teachers to continue to inspire and empower your recovery both during the course and long after the 12 weeks is up. 

  • Coaching Buddies

    For added accountability and support participants are encouraged to become "coaching buddies" with someone else who is participating in the course.

  • Two Years Of Course Access

    The course takes 12 weeks to complete, but you will have access to the entire course & the Facebook group for at least two years.  We highly recommend that you revisit the content as often as possible in the first 3  - 6 months after the course is finished to ensure that you keep firing and wiring the 12 Skills into your body and brain.


12 Skills of Bulimia Freedom

  • SKILL 1 

    Tummy Check Ins

    You'll learn how to hear hunger again and to distinguish restrictive voices from what your tummy actually wants.  You'll create a customised scheduled eating chart to ensure that you practise multiple times a day.

  • SKILL 2 

    Bust Binge & Purge Urges

    You'll be able to distinguish between hunger and binge urges, and you'll become masterful at sitting with the physical and mental discomfort of a binge or purge urge.  You'll attach powerful rewards to getting through those urges - to ensure that you keep doing more of it!  

  • SKILL 3

    Headworm Busting

    You'll learn to identify and destroy "headworms" (the self talk that is keeping you trapped in old behaviour patterns).  We'll tackle some of the beliefs that are holding you back, and you'll discover the two biggest fears that have been running the show until now. 

  • SKILL 4

    Radical Permission To Eat

    This is the game changer! 
    It's the exact opposite of the 'skill' of restriction which got you into this mess.  You'll practise bravely allowing your body to eat whatever it truly asks for.  You will learn to stay calm, present and curious as to how your body responds to all foods and quantities that you've thought of as "bad" for so long.  Fears will relax and you'll be able to have those foods in the house without panicking that they'll trigger a feeding frenzy.

  • SKILL 5

    Letting Go Of 'Shoulds'

    'Shoulds', expectations and judgements can keep us trapped in our old behaviours. Our desire to be loved and accepted by others, often has us trampling all over our own needs in order to meet their unreasonable expectations.   You will become masterful at letting go of 'shoulds' and will begin to create a life aligned with your unique desires, needs, abilities and passions.  

  • SKILL 6

    Radical Self Acceptance

    It's time to fiercely reject diet culture and the tyrannical limiting beliefs that you've held for years.  You'll dig up all the beliefs and fears that have kept you trapped in self-sabotage, and learn how to replace them with new empowering beliefs & unconditional self acceptance, designed to ramp up your recovery and open the door to true freedom.

  • SKILL 7

    Emotional Alchemy

    "Emotions are felt in the stomach" and eating to escape, soothe or numb emotional discomfort is totally human!  Everyone does it.  However, compulsively bingeing and purging to sooth uncomfortable emotions is less than ideal.   Emotional alchemy is the skill of recognising and allowing negative emotions and then transmuting them into action that will move you powerfully out of bulimia. 

  • SKILL 8

    Stopping When Full

    Now that you're better able to listen to your tummy, you'll practise stopping when you hear that little nudge from your tummy that it's done.  You'll also practise leaving a bit of food on your plate which can be uncomfortable to implement after a lifetime of thinking that wasting food is bad, but in bulimia recovery, being able to stop when full and leave food on the plate (or throw it away) is essential.

  • SKILL 9

    Intuitive Rest

    People struggling with bulimia are often uncomfortable with allowing themselves rest.  You'll practise letting go of "laziness guilt" and to honour your body's deep need for rest instead.  Exhaustion is a huge danger zone in recovery and you'll learn that it's imperative to prioritise rest while you master the other 11 Skills. 

  • SKILL 10

    Intuitive Excerise

    Just like food and sleep, you may have long overridden your body's requests in the exercise department. It's time to learn to reconnect with your body's natural enjoyment & desire for exercise and to recognise when enough is enough. 

  • SKILL 11

    Guilt Free Indulgence

    You'll learn how to indulge without guilt from time to time.  Not just in food but in self care too. Guilt free indulgence is a luxury and brings joy into our lives! 
    It's not a pre-requisite for recovery per se, but it is necessary for freedom. 
    Freedom simply wouldn't taste as sweet without it!  

  • SKILL 12


    You'll learn that your body has a Goldilocks Zone and it's a zone that feels really good to live in.  You'll learn to let go and trust your body to guide you back there every time you veer off course.

12 Practical Skills Of Recovery To 'Fire & Wire' Into Your Brain Until You Can Do Them Automagically


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  • Access To The Private Facebook Group for course participants ONLY.

  • Access to a Weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A for course participants only.

  • 15 BONUS Trainings
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    - Survival Strategies for relapse, buffets, family feasts, bloating & comfort eating.
    - How To End Self Sabotage for good. 

  • PLUS tons of Additional Resources 
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Practise Makes Permanent
Your Freedom Isn't A Question Of 'If', 

It's Simply A Question Of 'When'

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Real People. Real Recovery

Katie, South Africa

Leading up to the start of the coaching course I had thoughts that were so overwhelming. 'Will this work?' 'What will happen after the course?',
'If this doesn't work, I'm done with life'.

I can finally say I am loving life, I am living! I can look at myself & thank my body for not giving up on me, for fighting.  I can say 'I love you body'.  I can stand up for what I deserve & recognise when to walk away. I can take responsibility & realise when to let go of what others are responsible for.  I can listen to my body and know it will all be okay.

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