My beliefs in food and dieting have been chucked out the window.  My body requests certain things and I follow it through. I'm not scared of not finishing my plate, I can listen to signals before I get very full. I don't care now about judgement.  It's my body and my health comes first before people's opinions. 
Freedom wow - It's so liberating to be this happy and confident. 

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn

  • 8 simple things you can do (that don't cost a cent and have nothing to do with food) that will boost your energy and focus, and powerfully heal your struggling endocrine system.

  • How your brain and body "rewire" and why making mistakes is a very important part of neuroplasticity.

  • How to exercise without driving hunger pangs (and binge urges) through the roof .

  • The distinction between indulgence and bingeing & how to indulge without guilt.

  • The exact words to ask yourself when you are trying to work out when you should eat and how much. 

  • Where to shift your focus when you start thinking about food (but you know that you're not actually hungry).

  • Why "alternative coping mechanisms" should be a last resort.

  • What dopamine is really responsible for, and how to use that to your advantage. 

  • What the difference is between real hunger and a binge urge and EXACTLY what to do when one or the other hits.

  • The biggest drivers of binge urges and the simple tricks to cut them off at the pass.

  • What you need to focus on specifically if you're a member of "the clean plate club"

  • The 3 specific steps to take when a binge urge kicks in.

  • The most common binge urge triggers and how I help my clients permanently stop those triggers from generating future binge urges.

  • The most powerful thing that you can do every day to ensure that what you're practising becomes your new norm.

  • Exactly how to help your body back to being the fat-burning machine that it was born to be (and destroy those nasty sugar crashes at the same time!)

What You'll Get When You Sign Up

  • The Online Coaching Portal is packed with bonus videos including the top 3 Danger Zones of Bulimia Recovery + Survival Strategies for buffets, family gatherings, dealing with anxiety, and being home alone!

  • Awesome Additional Resources

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Here's My Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course!  Please do!  Working through the course with someone who can help you take action, stay accountable and do the work is highly recommended.  

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