I have just finished my 12 week course on bulimia recovery.  Firstly I would love to say a massive Thank you as you have literally saved my life as it's scary to think if I carried on I wouldn't be here for my son and I've got so much in my health to live for. 


I feel my confidence has grown massively and I can learn to listen to my body, My beliefs in food and dieting have been chucked out the window.  My body requests certain things and I follow it through.  (Funnily enough I've gone off my cereal in the evening and been wanting to drink lots of milk lately - Lacking calcium ? My body knows best). 


I'm not scared of not finishing my plate, I can listen to signals before I get very full. My biggest take home from the course is eating out in restaurants or Christmas dinners with friends and being able to say 'yes' OR 'no' to  two or three courses. I don't care now about judgement.  It's my body and my health comes first before people's opinions.

Freedom wow - It's so liberating to be this happy and confident. And "shoulds" do not  EXIST.  I get to choose.  Of course the downside is when I had bulimia I could use it to numb my feelings and the scary part is facing up to my feelings. I'm human, I cry, I feel sad and scared , but not just with food but with in life in general, I can feel confident to ask or to say 'no', or to stand up for myself.


The scales will need work.  But I no longer want to be a size 8.  I have curves, I love the way I am. I have enclosed a picture of me having my cake and enjoying it. 


I truly believe Helen Bennett was sent to me.
For 10 years, I had tried multiple therapists and attended both inpatient and outpatient ED treatment clinics, but now had a strong desire to try something completely new. I was desperate for someone or something to help ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ my eating disorder.

During a very low point last year, I came across one of her videos on Facebook (google ads had obviously noticed I had been searching ‘How to stop binge eating). This video not only inspired me to work with her, but also for the first time in a long time, helped me feel not alone in my eating disorder. Her video showed me that she understood binge eating and had overcome it, using her inner strength, methods and techniques, acquired over years of understand and rewiring her brain and destructive habits. I immediately booked in a free initial consultation with Helen, and after a year of working with her, I can honestly say I have never felt stronger and like I am finally recovering from the years of trauma I put my body and mind through.

I now understand myself – both body and mind. From teaching me how to intuitively eat, to goal setting and reminding me that recovery can only happen if I put in the work myself, there’s nothing I feel I cannot do anymore. I am now bigger than I have been in 10 years and can I say, a whole lot happier. Our bodies do not define our worth and the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one. Thank you Helen, for reminding me that inner strength and self-acceptance is the only way in which I can truly recover and find happiness in life.  You are wonderful.   

Helen uses a practical & fool-proof approach to help one achieve their personal goals, which are set out from the get go. My primary goal was to come off my antidepressant medication - which I had relied on for nearly 10 years in order to deal with my disordered relationship with food, as well as other life stressors. Helen helped me to discover healthy coping mechanisms and, above & beyond this - to journey on a path of recovery & self acceptance. We built a tremendous sense of trust and friendship throughout this time and I am forever grateful for her ongoing support and guidance.

Working with Helen was an amazing surprise at a time in which I was so close to giving up. She is incredibly supportive, loving and understanding, and I'm so very glad that our paths crossed. With the right balance between tough love and acceptance, I've overcome deep-rooted self esteem issues that I was convinced were for life. I honestly can't thank her enough for the amazing job she does.

I worked with Helen for 4 months. She went above and beyond focusing on the physical disorder/ behaviour and really helped me to get to the bottom of so many deep rooted beliefs which were keeping me stuck in a binge-purge cycle. Helen made me feel human, heard, and unashamed of a disorder which was ruling my everything. Its a process but I’m so much closer to ‘freedom’ than ever, thank you Helen!

I truly believe I didn't come across Helen by chance, it was always aligned for me.
I met Helen in a time where I felt lost, I had started some road to wanting to recover but didn't know how to get there! I now feel like I'm on the road to becoming free. Before starting, I couldn't even look in the mirror I didn't want to see me, for who I truly was! Now I see me, I like me.. I have a long way to go but I now feel I have the tools and support I need to get me through.


Without Helen I'm not sure where I would be, and if you get the opportunity to work with the amazing woman I urge you to do it! Your future self with thank you ❤


I would have never written a testimonial and even less about my personal story. However, I decided to write down my experience because I strongly feel that it can help someone else like it helped me. And because I am truly grateful I met Helen. It’s because I know the pain behind that I want people that are going through the same to know that there is a way to feel good again.

Back in 2014 I was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa. Alongside my bachelor studies, I “recovered” in a private day hospital in Barcelona. Which was supposed to be one of the best in the region. Well, after 1 year with medication and surrounded by doctors and psychologists, eventually, the only thing I recovered was weight. I just kept the other struggles for myself. After 4 years, I received the hospital discharge and kept suffering. I lied to everyone to not make them perceive that I was not okay.

I couldn’t see that I was triggering an endless cycle, but I was comfortable knowing that I was the only one aware about it. It was a release of anxiety keeping it as a secret. I was sick, and I wasn’t lying to anyone but to myself. I was completely unable to see where my problem was, and what the trigger points of my relapses were. I knew it was time for a change, I wanted to be okay. Then, I called again my psychologist from Barcelona hospital and I started virtual one-one sessions, that honestly, felt nonsense and a waste of money, I did not progress at all. Although, I still wanted to move forwards and decided to look for another source of support.

Finally, I found Helen.  Before coaching with her, I was in a deep crisis. I felt angry with myself, anxious, sad, unfocused, unmotivated, and completely unable to trust myself, nor instincts and make decisions. During this crisis I broke up with my partner. That decision destroyed me, because he is the only person in the whole world that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I was punishing myself by pushing him away. I used to act with self-destruction methods in order to castigate myself, I never wanted to recover because I thought I deserved the pain. I opened my eyes through sharing fears and thoughts with Helen, she has been through it, she understands till the point that she is able to finish your sentences if you get stuck, as if she was reading my mind. I feel her warmth through a simple skype call.

Her extensive experience in the field has provided Helen the potential and ability to see through all of us. She can quickly recognize the problem. Open up, make the first step towards her and after, I promise you will never walk alone.


I am always scared to be a burden for others, I sent her an email, but I always kept distance. Although, she saw I was suffering and showed compassion and kindness that made me feel I could trust and rely on her.  So, she invited me to join an 8 weeks group program.  Helen has helped me in multiple ways, and she keeps helping me even though we are not doing sessions anymore. I see in her what I would like to become and the path I aim to follow.

My awareness of my illness came after talking and speaking up my problem with people that understand about it (I need to empathize that psychologists do not always do). Helen made me see that my problem was not only purging, binging, restricting, nor on the food itself. She made me see myself as a human being that needs a bit of support towards a better path.

During my hospitalization, I felt constantly the pressure to recover, I felt sick, dangerous and guilty. Helen never gave me any pressure to recover, even on my bad days she made me see the positive steps. I learned that all is about practice, repetition and consistency. You need to go through the struggle to overcome it. It will dissipate, not slowly, but it will go away. I am still working on it and, but I can already see a huge change after the 8 weeks program with Helen and I have never been that proud of myself.

Sharing my problem and talking to other people with similar situations has made me realise that I am capable of doing this. You must be willing in order to overcome this battle. Recovery is not about gaining a ton of weight, is nothing about something that can be seen. It might sound a bit scary the word “recovery”, but It feels a relief once you are on its way. Positively, it changes your inside, your attitude, your mood and your goals.

The fear of not having control over yourself is vanishing when you trust yourself and commit to work on you.  When I do feel anxious or other negative emotion, I have now the tools to find the root cause and act to move forward. I have boosted my health and I have gotten clear my life needs. I am capable of communicating my feelings (all of them). I learnt to love and take care of myself physically and mentally.


After a few months following the program, I felt strong enough to tell my partner my struggles. Since then, we are back together and stronger than ever. I also feel that I am doing it for myself, although, with more support. It feels less heavy to carry on when you share it with someone that cares about you.

Helen’s personal support as well as the program community has been crucial for my recovery and for making these giant positive transitions in my life. I am building up strongly, happier and most important, I am truly loving myself.

I spent more than half of my life thinking that I was never good enough, pretty enough, thin enough. These bad thoughts/beliefs lead me into bad relationships.  Self sabotage was my middle name.  I felt I needed "control".   From under eating to over eating to over exercising to bingeing and purging, to taking up to 8 laxatives everyday for a whole year….Boom!
I thought that was my life written for me.  Until…. I went on to meet a beautiful man and having two beautiful healthy little girls. The loves of my life.  BUT I still didn't really love Me.

Although I stopped some of the dangerous abuse I did to myself for all those years, it didn't stop my bad thoughts and negative body image. This is where Helen Bennett changed my life forever! I clicked with Helen from day one - free consultation...this day was my saviour 🙏🏻 Helen talked to me like I was one of her best friends. Teaching me things that I never even thought my mind would adapt to in such a positive way.

My 12 week programme delved me and Helen into things from my past to present that I didn't think were even an issue in my life. But these things were exactly what was keeping me in the same, stuck, self sabotaging place. This woman has amazing personal and educational experiences that all women need to know and learn from!! Not only has she saved me but she has saved & changed the lives of my two beautiful girls and my husband "to be" forever. Forever I am, and will be, grateful ❤

When I found Helen’s website I was pretty much desperate. I felt so out of control with my food. I’d gone from severe restriction, calorie counting, measuring myself every day to binging and purging. I knew I couldn’t keep going like this. If you’re expecting a quick fix, this definitely isn’t it. Helen gives you tools and resources to help you overcome your eating disorder. She really looks at it from a holistic perspective and will walk with you every step of the way. It’s going to require some courage, determination and time to turn things around, but with Helens help it really is possible!

Where do I even begin!
One night while scrolling through Facebook, I came across Helen's BFF page and I clicked onto the link & read up, listened to the video & thought to myself - really? I had written down notes from the video & I needed to put these to the test.

After Helen & I had our first zoom meeting in April, I was so excited to get going - Helen had said to me "give this challenge 100% and I'm sure you'll be able to overcome this".

Leading up to the start of the coaching course, I had thoughts that were so overwhelming - 'will this work', 'what will happen after the course?', 'what will I be doing?', 'if this doesn't work, I'm done with life'.

My eating disorder made me crawl up into a ball most nights, cry, scream, hate & I honestly was just so ready for anything to help me!

Well, from the bottom of my heart, Helen, thank you so very much for being that helping hand that my body, my life so badly needed! Helen is the most wonderful soul, down to earth, funny, understanding & caring person. You believed in me from day 1, your enthusiasm & encouragement kept me going. Your voice notes on how to cope kept me fighting - 'work with me so that I can work with you body'. You're awesome coach Helen - yes you are!

Secondly, how amazing the lovely girls I did the challenge with are. Flip man, to know you're not alone, that so many girls fight a similar battle, that this dreaded disorder can steal so much joy & hope. Each call made me stronger, made me realise just how by supporting eachother, grow & change can bloom!

Not only did we work on external matters but internal issues that we can so often misread. I learnt so much about myself, about others. I learnt how to speak up & act before the hurricane hits. I learnt to love more - people & myself. I learnt to be kind & caring, help others, ask how they are doing and be there for them!

I could go on forever! I remember Helen saying - 'give your body time & it will adjust'. I can finally say I am loving life, I am living! I can look at myself & thank my body for not giving up on me, for fighting. I can say 'I love you body'. I can stand up for what I deserve & recognize when to walk away. I can take responsibility & realise when to let go of what others are responsible for. I can listen to my body and know it will all be okay.

Most importantly - I strive to live!

All my love

The 8 weeks in the coaching course with Helen were truly life transforming and very very special. It was something I always had longed for, but could not find anywhere else. Her loving presence and support throughout the whole course and through all the moments (especially the nasty ones, even outside our classes) were truly of great help to start breaking through (finally after all those years!).


I’m so very grateful for this chance I received and having taken this journey. For 8 weeks we all travelled together, even though each of us in the meantime walking our personal paths and 'slaying our individual dragons'. It was all with real sense of connection and unconditional support. 


I don’t think I would have got all those insights and applied the changes without this course, so am truly happy that finally some real action happened!


As it was the first time I could really feel somebody did care and could understand. Being together in a group with other beautiful women, made it so safe to open up and allow to be held. And there is where healing could happen of this wound, which is not easy to show to others, especially to the outside world. But with all the tools we learned, the classes and our amazing talks, things could finally start to change and looking back now, I would not have thought to be in this space within myself where I’m now at. So thank you thank you thank you dear Helen!!! I would advise it to anyone who is stuck with their eating and is so tired of trying again something, not knowing if they will learn anything new or it will help. Trust me, with Helen you will and it’s even with fun and joy! (could you imagine that!?
I really didn’t, but now am convinced)  ;-) 

Helen was the first person to truly believe in my ability to break free from the chains of bulimia, that I could transform completely and bloom into the woman I was supposed to be. She was my rock! I can now happily say that Helen helped me to become that woman in a short period of time and I am incredibly thankful.

When I spoke to Helen in a breakthrough session, I have to admit, at the end of the session I wondered how the time with her would help me. We talked about everything - my whole bulimic journey - and it was amazing to speak to someone who knew exactly where I was coming from. It's been one WHOLE week and 2 days, and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I haven't made myself sick since I spoke to her. I've started to eat only when hungry. I stop when I am full, and I am so mindful of what I am eating. I've never been so organised with food since I can ever remember.
I am loving this journey.

Helen has been an amazing coach for me. She has cultivated space for me to dive deeply into myself and truly explore the hidden places of my psyche. She has done this without judgement or interference, instead guiding me using my own voice as the source to skilfully open new meaning into my values and core beliefs.

Helen is truly an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone who serious wants to become the change that they want to see in their life...

This incredible woman changed my life.. and I will always be eternally grateful to her. Couldn’t praise her enough. 

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